OSHA Compliance Services

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for administering and enforcing the federal OSH Act of 1970. There are rules for hazard assessments, employee safety and health, hazard communication, recordkeeping, OSHA inspections, employee rights, penalties, and most frequent OSHA violations. Jumpstart LMS has partnered with the premier compliance certifiers to bring content + platform offering to manage your OSHA Compliances and Certifications

Blue Collar Employee Training for Industrial and Consumer Sectors

To equip employee training on-the-go and to ensure adherence to basic sanitizing rules, Jumpstart LMS has packed over 60+ exclusive learning catalog, curated for on-boarding delivery executives and store sales representatives to blue-collared factory workers, store sales or delivery personnel.

Explore our Banking, Pharma, Medical, IT & ITES Training Catalogs across White-collared and Leadership programs

We have a training catalog, comprising of over 2500+ curated to train your employees across Banks, Financial Institutions, Hospitals, Retail stores, Consumer Products, Industrial, IT & ITES Services.

Tracking Certifications and Progress Monitoring

Manage Course Completion certifications - for internal and external training and compliance programmes from within Jumpstart LMS. Further, you can track re-certification requirements too.

Teach in over 48+ languages

With Jumpstart LMS, you can train in all languages, including Right-to-Left languages; viz. Arabic, Hebrew and Persian. To offer a one-stop solution to all your training needs, we create customized learning content exclusively for you too.

Convert Adobe Flash Learning Content to HTML

We provide exclusive expertise to convert Flash content to HTML 5.0 based interactive learning contents.